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New Plans for 2015

UFB is here!! We are now able to offer 30/10 Mbps, 100/20, 100/50Mbps and Symmetry 100/100 UFB services for homes and businesses. Sign up for fibre at home today!

Business wireless plans are now 5Mbps/5Mbps for $79.95 monthly

Wireless hotspot services are now operated under our Wicked Networks brand. Our combined business Internet and hotspot service is also ready for service.

Signups are open for Studentzone for 2015

For 2015, we have both UFB and wireless options for our popular Studentzone plan. Wireless option is now 5Mbps/2Mbps download/upload speed and unlimited data, while Studentzone UFB has 30/10 or 100/20 speeds. Sign up for either of these plans!

Prebooking is essential for UFB plans; get your order in before 1/12/2014 and get a 10% discount on the prepaid price.

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